Bushman Gobi Quick Click 12 -panoraamapää

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Gobi is extremely light 320g and fits in your pocket.
It is the second panoramic head of our series and is intended for photographers that use DSLR’s and small lightweight cameras.
Gobi offers simple solutions to achieve standard panoramas, to multirow panoramas, to complete spherical 360°x180° photography.
Once again we facilitated the photographers work by bringing new solutions with simple ideas. The unique solution is a simple groove that allows you to rotate the vertical arm to shoot the nadir. No other head offers such ease of use.
The greatest ideas are the simplest, and Gobi is great by its simplicity. It is a complete spherical head and will achieve more than you can expect.
On the Gobi head the upper rotator uses our standard clicking rings allowing you to use the same rings as the Kalahari head. It is equipped with a double sided ring 15° on one side and free rotation on the other side.
The plates used are identical so the quick release plate, the rail stops and the accessorie Xtension are compatible between each other.
Switch easily from vertical to horizontal position by screwing on your quick release plate directly on the base plate and voilà!
The Gobi head comes mounted with a versatile clicking rotator Quick Click. You can select the specific rotator that you need from 4,6,8,10,12,15,18,20 clicks per rotation. So you only carry only what you need.
The Gobi head is well equipped and it has the details, the design and the quality of the brand in a compact solution. When your done with it, put it in your pocket
320g only
Mounting load 1,9kg
The smallest on the market: 170 x 30 x 30 mm
1 rings double sided: 15°, free rotation
2 rail stops, 1g each
Unprecedented ease of assembly
Quick release plate with stainless steel wing bolt
Quick rotation for the nadir shot
High precision laser graduations
Precision red level
Anodized aluminium alloy
CNC high precision machining
Our rubber are marked with Bushman Panoramic
Compatible with:
DSLR’s and compact cameras (Canon 5DMIII to Nikon D800)
Full 360° x 180° rotation

Shooting possibilities:
Multirow panorama
Virtual Visits
Little planets

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