RoundFlash - Strip Light for Speedlite

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RoundFlash™ Strip Light, markkinoiden ensimmäinen ultra-kompakti strip-boxi speedlite salamalle. 

RoundFlash™ Strip Light is a portable, collapsible flash diffuser which changes your speedlight​ ​into a striplight in seconds.

90 cm/ 35" long strip of soft, evenly diffused light in combination with a detachable grid is great in portrait, people and still photography. ​RoundFlash™ Strip Light provides backlight, rimlight, edgelight and other effect​s​ used​ ​in flash photography. It can also be combined with another unit to obtain almost 2m​. long strip of​ light.​ ​RoundFlash™ Strip Light is designed to work vertically but it can be used in other​wise with ​the ​help of ​an ​extra boom or tripod. Its ultra lightweight (240g / 8.5oz with grid & pouch), compact​ ​size when folded provides quality light on any location without the need for additional power​ ​supplies.​​
  • ​Length ​95cm \ ​37,5" Depth ​16cm ​\ ​6,3"
  • Weight 1​70g \ ​6oz Weight with ​pouch​ and grid​ 240 g \ ​8,5oz
  • Pouch dimension 20cm x 1​8cm \ ​8" x ​7"
  • Flash circ. 2​0cm ~ 26cm​ \​ 8" - 10"

RoundFlash™ Strip Light käyttöohje - English - download PDF

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